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The pilot of Blackadder - then called "The Black Adder" - arose out of John Lloyd and Rowan Atkinson's idea to work on a historical sitcom, conceived while they were shooting "Not The Nine O'Clock News". They turned to two other people pivotal to that show for collaboration; director Geoff Posner and writer Richard Curtis.

Made in 1982 and never shown on television, it was successful enough to gain the series commission. In it, Baldrick was played by actor Philip Fox rather than Tony Robinson as he was thereafter, and Rowan Atkinson plays "Prince Edmund". Large chunks of the script were used for the episode "Born to be King" in Series 1, albeit with the additional writing of Ben Elton, replacing Rowan as Richard Curtis's co-writer.


Original Pilot (1982) of series Blackadder (Never transmitted on television.)

Prince EdmundRowan Atkinson
The KingJohn Savident
The QueenElspet Gray
Prince HenryRobert Bathurst
PercyTim McInnerny
BaldrickPhilip Fox
McAngusAlex Norton
RudkinSimon Gipps-Kent
JesuitOengus MacNamara
NarratorPatrick Allen
Written byRichard Curtis
andRowan Atkinson

Malcolm Ranson

Original Music
Howard Goodall

Film Editing
Graham Hutchings

Production Design
Roger Cann
Philip Lindley

Costume Design
Richard Croft

Make Up
Jill Shardlow

Visual Effects
John Brace
Simon Taylor

Senior Camera Operator
Peter Ware

Peter Winn

Vision Mixer
Angela Wilson

Art Department
Marc Ortmans
Tricia Ruddell

Richard Chamberlain

Production Team
Hilary Bevan Jones
David Hare
Camilla Howard

Production Manager
Michael Leggo

Produced & directed byGeoff Posner


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