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Coming Next...

In the mid-Eighties, the concept of an Independent producer was still in its infancy, and when Producer/Director Paul Jackson left the BBC, he quickly made a splash running his own production company, Paul Jackson Productions. One of its earliest commissions was on channel 4 - still pretty much the only place an Independent producer could try their luck. the show was a seven part sketch show called “Pushing Up Daisies”, starring Hale & Pace, Chris Barrie (later to become a Jackson stalwart in Red Dwarf) and Carla Mendonça. The writing team overlapped with a lot of the writers Jackson had been working with on Three Of a Kind and all went on to write for countless more sketch shows.

At the end of the first run, Paul asked Geoff to direct and co-produce the second series, which was to be called “Coming Next...”, and this series ran for six episodes in the winter of 1985. The format was sketches, impressions and comic songs including a memorable episode set entirely in the 60s, in authentic wobbly black & white... 

Coming Next...

Series 1

Show 1
First Tx 14/9/85 Channel 4 23.00-23.30

Show 2
First Tx 21/9/85 Channel 4 23.00-23.30

Show 3
First Tx 28/9/85 Channel 4 23.00-23.30

Show 4
First Tx 5/10/85 Channel 4 23.00-23.30

Show 6
First Tx 12/10/85 Channel 4 23.00-23.30

Show 4
First Tx 19/10/85 Channel 4 23.00-23.30

StarringGareth Hale
Norman Pace
Carla Mendonça
Chris Barrie
Written byGareth Hale
Norman Pace
Geoff Atkinson
Kim Fuller
James Hendrie
Chris Barrie
Vicki Pile
Stephen Fry
Terry Morrison
Bob Sinfield
Tony Sarchet
Andrea Solomons
Carla Mendonça
Sally Brooks
Script EditorKim Fuller
Directed byGeoff Posner
Produced byPaul Jackson
Geoff Posner

Coming Next...

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