"Dead At Thirty" - from l to r Compton (Paterson Joseph), Nick (Jesse Birdsall), Tim (Mark Williams), Lou (Lou Curram)

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Dead At 30

“Dead At Thirty” was commissioned as one of five sitcom pilots by Channel 4 in 1991, in a series called “Bunch Of Five”.

Written by Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson, it was a pure and simple flatshare comedy. Most notably, it was the show where Paul & Charlie met Mark Williams, later to become a stalwart of The Fast Show.

The show aired in Summer 1992, but didn’t go to series, alas, although the series scripts (which were written) were extremely funny...

Dead At 30


In which the lives of four perfectly ordinary rational flat-sharers are destroyed by a giant cartoon ant and a sink plunger.

First Tx: Wednesday 3rd June 1992, 10.30pm Channel 4

TimMark Williams
LouLou Curram
ComptonPaterson Joseph
NickJesse Birdsall
Concierge’s DaughterJade Magri
MycroftAnthony O’Donnell
NobbyRon Cook
The 3 GirlsSheridan Forbes
Gemma Lowy
Stephanie Buttle
Written byPaul Whitehouse
Charlie Higson

Costume Designer
Caroline Middleton

Make Up Designer
Christine Smith

Janey Fothergill

Floor Manager
Simon Wallace

Stage Manager
Yvonne Sellins

Production Team
Zoë Norman
Lucy Pullan

Vision Mixer
Barbara Hicks

Lighting Director
Brian Pierce

Sound Supervisor
Andy Wernam

Denis De Groot

Design Assistant
Amanda Ackland-Snow

Associate Producer
Rachel Swann

Executive Producer
Peter Bennett-Jones

Directed byJohn Stroud
Produced byDavid Tyler

Dead At 30

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