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Harry Enfield's Television Programme

In 1990, fresh from the success of both Loadsamoney and Stavros on Channel 4’s “Saturday Live”/”Friday Night Live” and the Emmy Award--winning spoof biog of the eponymous veteran actor and idiot in “Norbert Smith - A Life”, Harry Enfield turn his hand to his own sketch show on BBC 2, called (at first) Harry Enfield’s Television programme creating such seminal characters as DJs Smashie & Nicey, Wayne & Waynetta Slob, Grayson (Harry’s character’s name in the Cholmondeley-Warner sketches; Cholmondeley-Warner was actually his assistant, played by Jon Glover). Tim Nice-But-Dim and The Old Gits. Co-created with writing team Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson, and with much writing done by the producer, Geoffrey Perkins, the cast revolved around Harry with Paul Whitehouse and Kathy Burke and laid the groundwork for a whole run of highly successful series.

The second series was co-produced directed by Geoff Posner, finally reuniting the Norbert Smith team.

Harry Enfield's Television Programme

Series 2

Show 1

 First Tx. 2/4/92 BBC Two 21.00-21.30

StarringHarry Enfield
withCharlie Higson
VoterMartin Clunes
Mr. Cholmondeley-WarnerJon Glover
Richard Albrecht
Chris England
Tom Fahy
Georgie Glen
Moray Hunter
Andy Taylor
3rd Man in PubMark Williams
Philip Wright
HerselfKathy Taylor

Harry Enfield's Television Programme

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