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Norbert Smith - A Life

In 1990, fresh from the success of performing Loadsamoney and Stavros on Channel 4’s “Saturday Live”/”Friday Night Live”, Channel 4 commissioned an ambitious show from the writing, producing and performing team behind that success - a winning spoof biog of the eponymous veteran actor and idiot in “Norbert Smith - A Life”. Ostensibly a biog of the long career of Sir Norbert in the form of a South Bank Show-style retrospective (complete with the genuine Melvyn Bragg playing himself), the show was a brilliant vehicle for a long run of film spoofs through the ages, from the early days of silent cinema/Music Hall, the Will Hay war flick to glossy Technicolor 50s musicals, Carry On films (including some of the original cast) and Angry Young Men kitchen sink-style dramas.

The show received many accolades, including an International Emmy Award and the Silver Rose Of Montreux

Norbert Smith - A Life

 Tx 3/11/89 22.30-23.30 Channel 4

Sir Norbert SmithHarry Enfield
and featuring (in alphabetical order)
InterviewerMelvyn Bragg
Old DufferCharles Simon
Great Aunt GracePatrick Barlow
Mr WilkinsonStewart Harwood
Will SillyPeter Goodwright
Melvyn MerryGeorge Raistrick
Lady NorbertRenée Asherson
BarneySimon Godley
PolicemanCharles Pemberton
Sir Donald StuffMoray Watson
HoratioJohn Elmes
Cecilia JohansonFelicity Montagu
Harry CrabbeDavid Henry
Western MayorGareth Vaughan
ClementineJane Snowden
Dick DottyMike Kelly
Mary BeethovenCatherine Chevalier
Sarah BrightmanMary Chilton
Brian BealeJoe McGann
Mrs. GrimSusan Field
EileenJenny Funnell
BabyChristopher Edis
Our KidAdam Woods
Our Kid Next DoorKarl Bonworth
Davy ThrobCon O’Neill
Mrs. WalkerAmanda Walker
BillyHenry Power
German GeneralMichael Godley
German SergeantJohn Golightly
German OfficerStefan Bednarczyk
Herr LuytmenJeffrey Harmer
Greenham GuardJack Douglas
Greenham LeaderBarbara Windsor
Greenham OfficerKenneth Connor
RubyJosie Lawrence
Cyril FreebodyGeoffrey Chater
Written byHarry Enfield
Geoffrey Perkins

Original Music
David Firman

1st Assistant Director
Nikolas Korda

Production Manager
Mary Bell

Directed byGeoff Posner
Produced byGeoffrey Perkins

Norbert Smith - A Life

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