"The Imaginatively-Titled Punt & Dennis Show" - Steve Punt & Hugh Dennis

"The Imaginatively-Titled Punt & Dennis Show" - Steve Punt in "The Video Diary Of Samuel Pepys"

"The Imaginatively-Titled Punt & Dennis Show" - Steve Punt & Hugh Dennis

The Imaginatively Titled Punt And Dennis Show : Clip 1

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Cast & Crew

The Imaginatively Titled Punt & Dennis Show

Continuing the BBC’s search for a pre-watershed sketch show, in 1994, they commissioned Steve Punt & Hugh Dennis to cerate their own sketch show. Imaginatively titled “The Imaginatively-titled Punt And Dennis Show”, the boys asked David Tyler, Steve’s long-term writing associate to produce the show. It followed on from their appearance as half of the quartet in “The Mary Whitehouse Experience” and included running characters from that show, including Milky Milky. The show was also the long-term grandchild of Punt & Dennis’s original radio show “Live On Arrival” ad the great-grandfather of the still-running “The Now Show” on Radio 4.

Notable appearances included Alistair McGowan as spymaster Kropotkin in the 60’s ITC-style spy serial “A Man called Martin”, Ronni Ancona, a cameo from Steve’s sister, Helen Punt, and a little foreshadowing of a cameo from Tom Baker as the ultimate voice-over actor - a comic trope spotted by another double act some ten years later in Little Britain...

Regular characters included the ever-drunk Michael and Tarquin from World Of Wine (“You poured it on a fish...!), The Gullibles (“We’re always falling for scams!”), the Video Diary Of Samuel Pepys, the Tiny Jockeys, and Embarrassing Dad (“No-one minds! No-one’s looking at us!”).

The series aired in 1994 and was recommisioned, although David didn’t produce the second series. The best of the series was also released on video, under the title “Punt & Dennis: The Imaginatively-Titled Video”

Here’s the original Press Blurb from the series:

Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis are the best new double-act to emerge from the Alternative Comedy scene, and in an unprecedented move, BBC1 have given them their own primetime series, starting on Wednesday July the 13th at 8.30 pm.

Already familiar to BBC1 viewers for their sketches on five series of Jasper Carrott's Carrott Confidential, the younger audience will know them as the slightly less hairy half of BBC2's The Mary Whitehouse Experience, one of the most successful new sketch comedies for years.

Their new show - imaginatively-titled "The Imaginatively-Titled Punt & Dennis Show" features double-act, stand-up, sketches, music and the return of Hugh & Steve's most popular characters. Mr. Strange, whose inexplicable fondness for  curdled milk, and bewildering catchphrase "milky milky" will be popping up, as well as the infuriating dad, who says "What's this? It's got a good beat to it!". New characters include Len, the builder from Hell, two tiny Jockeys, who regard Macauley Culkin as "a very big man", the Gullibles, and our weekly spy-serial, provisionally called "The Man Who Was ... Thingy".

Written and performed by Steve Punt & Hugh Dennis, the show is produced by David Tyler (credits include Spitting Image, Absolutely, Paul Merton - The Series, and Steve Coogan's Paul Calf Video Diary) and directed by David G. Hillier, whose most recent production was The Jack Dee Show.

The Imaginatively Titled Punt & Dennis Show

Series 1

Show 1

First Tx: 7/7/94 20.30-21.00 BBC 1

In this first episode, we meet World Of Wine expert and drunk Michael (“You poured it on a fish!!”), have an close encounter with a penguin, and, damn you!, watch the first instalment of the thrilling spy story, “A Man Called Martin”. “No-one knows I’m here...” 

StarringSteve Punt
&Hugh Dennis
and featuring
KropotkinAlistair McGowan
Written bySteve Punt
&Hugh Dennis
with a bit pinched fromNick Hancock

Show 2

First Tx: 14/7/94 20.30-21.00 BBC 1

Michael apologizes to Tarquin for being as a sick as a dog and demonstrates a handy use for an airbag, while Martin is recruited to the deadly mission and meets... French Bird. Meanwhile, Embarrassing Dad picks his daughter up from a concert...

StarringSteve Punt
&Hugh Dennis
and featuring
Spy Advert GuyEd Bishop
French BirdEvelyn Duah
Crispitis NurseHelen Punt
Pappadam GuyKevin Quarmby
“Got A Good Beat To It” MotherAngela Morant
DaughterShelley Tees
BoyfriendTat Whalley
Fast Food LadyAmanda Walker
World Of Wine LettersDaniel Strauss
Pizza Delivery LadyAlice MacDonald
Written bySteve Punt
&Hugh Dennis

Show 3

First Tx: 21/7/94 20.30-21.00 BBC 1

This week, episode three of our thrilling spy series "A Man Called Martin", in which Martin hits the bottle, the dance-floor and a passing barman.  

StarringSteve Punt
&Hugh Dennis
and featuring
KropotkinAlistair McGowan
French BirdEvelyn Duah
Disco BarmanDaniel Strauss
Written bySteve Punt
&Hugh Dennis

Show 4

First Tx: 28/7/94 20.30-21.00 BBC 1

In this episode, wine experts Tarquin and Michael attempt to present "The World Of Whisky", space-alien Dr.Gustav Alabaster learns how to chat up Earthlings, and we learn how to play “Spot The Stiff” when watching World War II Movies 

StarringSteve Punt
&Hugh Dennis
and featuring
RAF Officer 1Phil Clarke
RAF Officer 2William Vandyck
RAF Officer 3Daniel Strauss
French BirdEvelyn Duah
KropotkinAlistair McGowan
Spy OAPGabrielle Blunt
Spy OAPJohn Boswall
Hardware AssistantDon Gilet
Girl In BarRonni Ancona
“Got A Good Beat To It” MotherAngela Morant
DaughterShelley Tees
Mr. HenryRobert Harley
DrummerTat Whalley
Deafness DoctorMichael Mears
Written bySteve Punt
&Hugh Dennis

Show 5

First Tx: 4/8/94 20.30-21.00 BBC 1

This episode takes a Brits-eye view of the Kennedy Assassination, and a Royal watcher’s eye-view of the Queen’s dress. Plus more gullibility from the Gullibles. 

StarringSteve Punt
&Hugh Dennis
and featuring
Bethesda Hospital SurgeonPhilip O’Brien
Dallas WitnessErika Hoffman
Jackie KennedyRonni Ancona
Jenny MorganEryl Maynard
French BirdEvelyn Duah
KropotkinAlistair McGowan

And special guest appearance by Harry Thompson as Lee Harvey Oswald

Written bySteve Punt
&Hugh Dennis

Show 6

First Tx: 11/8/94 20.30-21.00 BBC 1

This episode takes an in-depth serious look at funerals, devil worship, Hells Angels and cheesy biscuits and we discuss the alleged decline in Educashional Stanndards. 

StarringSteve Punt
&Hugh Dennis
and featuring
Babysitter DadDaniel Strauss
Babysitter MumEryl Maynard
Petra MartensRonni Ancona
EngineerColin Simmonds
“Got A Good Beat To It” MotherAngela Morant
DaughterShelley Tees
Daphne MeacherTilly Vosburgh
Devil WorshipperFlip Webster
Mrs. TurnbullGabrielle Blunt
Rocker At DoorTat Whalley
SergeantMichael Mears
PCDon Gilet
as himselfTom Baker
Written bySteve Punt
&Hugh Dennis

Developed by Noel Gay Television

Michelle Guish

James A Smith

Jackie Levy

Make Up
Eve Wignall

Props Buyer
Bobby Warans

Location Manager
Stan Fus
Georgina True-May

Location Lighting
John Laurence

Location Sound
Simon Wilson
Alan Banks

Location Camera
Mike Radford

Andy Carroll

Visual Effects Designer
Chris Reynolds

Resources Coordinator
Steve Lowry

VT Editors
Steve Tempia
Mykola Pawluk

Production Team
Debbie Crofts
Dalia Nisim
Niamh Richardson

Assistant Floor Manager
Chris Sandeman

Camera Supervisor
Gerry Tivers

Studio Sound
Jem Whippey

Lighting Designer
Graham Rimmington

Grenville Horner

Production Manager
Anne Throup

Directed byDavid G Hillier
Produced byDavid Tyler

The Imaginatively Titled Punt & Dennis Show

Click here to hear the fab 'n' groovy signature tune by Phil Pope (from Radio Active)

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It's not only fab but has very good outtakes, mainly of Steve corpsing while Hugh prats about in the background...

Plus the now-famous "log-in-the-camera" incident...

And you can always nag the Beeb to release it on DVD....

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