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The Paul & Pauline Calf Audio Experience

In 1996, with Steve's Mancunian Calf family going from strength to strength, Methuen commissioned a book from Steve Coogan and Henry Normal, to be called “Paul Calf’s Book For Boys/Pauline Calf’s Book For Girls”. Cleverly designed, it was one of those books with two covers meeting in the middle; one as if by Paul and one as if by Pauline, and it came at a time when every self-respecting TV comedy show would have a (usually lavishly-produced) tie-in book.

As well as the book, they also decided to release a CD as the same time. Steve & Henry hit on the idea of the tape being more than just a straight “reading” but instead, being more heavily produced, with Fat Bob (John Thomson) also taking part and with music and sound effects. Steve asked David Tyler to produce it, and the result was The Paul & Pauline Calf Audio Experience”.

Recorded in one rather busy day and then with Sound Effects layered on in the edit, the CD contains such joyous items as Pauline’s Diary (read over appropriately slushy music), Paul & Fat Bob’s Handy Guide - “Am I Pissed?”, a children’s story for little Petula Dusty entitled “Poor Old Uncle Paul. A story for children by Pauline Calf “ which more or less revolved around Paul’s magic quest to find his fags and “Celebrity Sexploits”, a sort of “In The Psychiatrist’s Chair” for Pauline which to this day has somehow avoided the libel lawyers...

The Paul & Pauline Calf Audio Experience

 CD/Cassette release

Paul & Pauline CalfSteve Coogan
and featuring
Fat BobJohn Thomson
Written bySteve Coogan
&Henry Normal
Produced & directed by David Tyler

The Paul & Pauline Calf Audio Experience

The book and the CD are often listed under different names, such as "The Paul and Pauline Calf Experience", "Paul's Book For Boys", "Pauline's Book For Girls", and The Paul & Pauline Calf Omnibus. It's worth hunting it down though -

You can still buy the cassette by clicking here and the CD is probably out there too somewhere...

and you can also find the book by clicking here - although you may have to hunt a little bit more if it's sold out...

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