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Vic Reeves Big Night Out

In the late 1980’s, Vic Reeves had been creating his own regular comedy night at the Albany Empire (in Deptford), where, more often than not, he’d be joined by Bob Mortimer in his capacity as audience-heckler turned double-act-partner. A flotilla of people from Channel 4, led by the flagship of Jonathan Ross came to see the show’s residency, and Geoff Posner was asked by Michael Grade and Jonathan’s television company, Channel X to create the television version of the pilot.

Under Geoff’s production and direction, the adaptation, made in 1989, was highly successful, and although Geoff wasn’t available to do the series, it ran for a further fifteen shows and launched the career of Vic & Bob.

The pilot, which was a 25m cutdown of a three-hour show has, alas, never been broadcast.

Vic Reeves Big Night Out


StarringVic Reeves
&Bob Mortimer
withFred Aylward
Written byVic Reeves
&Bob Mortimer
Produced & directed byGeoff Posner

Vic Reeves Big Night Out

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