"Filth!" - Julian Clary

"Filth!" - Ben Elton

"Filth!" - Jo Brand

"Filth!" - Arthur Smith

"Filth!" - Lily Savage

"Filth!" - Jeremy Hardy

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Cast & Crew


In the late Eighties, there had been a series of comedy concerts (modelled on the Amnesty International “Secret Policeman’s Ball series”) to raise both awareness and raw cash for HIV/AIDS charities. The series was called Hysteria to reflect the hysteria (and downright untruths) surrounding the issue of HIV/AIDS.

The last one of these had been in 1989, so in 1994, Pozzitive set out to revive the idea of a fundraiser with “Filth!” a night of comedy and music at the Sadlers Wells theatre, on Sunday 24 April.

In fact, so many comedians and writers said “yes” to the idea, that we hit on the notion of doing two shows in one evening back to back. The first show was hosted by Lynn Ferguson and Arthur Smith, the second show by Mark Lamarr. Artists involved in the show included Tom Robinson, Steve Coogan, Spitting Image, Eddie Izzard, Jo Brand, Jeremy Hardy and Ben Elton.

Although the show never got a television airing, it was released on Video and as a book, and pave the way for the two huge World AIDS day events created by Pozzitive for Channel 4; The Big Snog in 1995 and Stephen Fry’s Live From The Lighthouse in 1998, although sadly, a follow-up show provisionally entitled “Red Knob Day” was never commissioned.


Show 1

Part 1
Hosted byLynn Ferguson

“AIDS - The Facts" - a Cholmondely-Warner film

with Harry Enfield
Jeremy Hardy
Ian Cognito

Absolutely -

“Peter & Jennifer Wells” Morwenna Banks
Jack Docherty
“Laughing Man 1"Pete Baikie
Gayle TuesdayBrenda Gilhooley
Jeff Green
Paul CalfSteve Coogan
Part 2
Hosted byArthur Smith
FeaturingJohn Hegley
withNigel Piper

Absolutely -

“Laughing Man 2"Pete Baikie
"Little Girl"Morwenna Banks
Trevor & SimonTrevor Neal
Simon Hickson
(on keyboards)Paul Brophy

Absolutely -

“Laughing Man 3"Pete Baikie
Lily SavagePaul O’Grady
Ben Elton
The Tom Robinson Band

Show 2

Part 1
Hosted byMark Lamarr

“AIDS - The Facts" - a Cholmondely-Warner film

withHarry Enfield
Rhona Cameron
Pauline CalfSteve Coogan
Raw SexSimon Brint
Roland Rivron
Mark Thomas
Eddie Izzard
Part 2

 Spitting Image

VoicesRoger Blake
Jan Ravens
Steve Coogan
PuppeteersSimon Buckley
Nigel Plaskitt
John Thirtle
Barnaby Harrison
Patrick Comerfield
Greg Proops
Jo Brand
Julian Clary

Sticky Members -

withJulian Clary
Russell Churney
Michael Dalton
Philip Herbert
The Tom Robinson Band

filth! was devised by Ivor Dembina and Crispin Leyser.

Project Coordinator for The Terrence Higgins Trust
Mark Higham

Stage Management

Christopher Lambert

Stage Crew
Jenny Grand
Daniel Klarfeld
Rachel Coombe
Antonia Cavendish
Adrian Storey

Make Up
Lisa Cavalli-Green
Michi Nakao
Sally Hennan

Costume Supervisor
Marcia Stanton

Vision Mixer
Simon Sanders

Videotape Editor
Graham Hutchings

Production Buyer
Bob Warans

Floor Manager
Mike Morgan

Mike Dugdale
Peter Edwards
Derek Pennell
Tony Keene
Martin Hawkins
Dave Evans
Mark Jerome

Production Assistant
Lesley Davies

Project Management
 IPH Westhall

Sound Supervisor
 David Hawker

Lighting Director
Alex Gurdon

"filth" Logo Design
To The Point

Set Designers
Andrew Howe-Davies
Philip Robinson

Executive Producer
Geoff Posner

Produced byCrispin Leyser
Directed byGeoff Posner


To buy the video of Filth just click here

The book is great; it's got lots of original material from great comedians and writers. To buy the book click here

The original intention of the concert, video and book was to raise money for AIDS/HIV charities, and buying them second-hand doesn't, alas, make that contribution possible anymore. So, if you fancy it, here's a link to The Terrence Higgins Trust. Nuff said

... and you could always sneakily buy the previous AIDS/HIV benefit video, Hysteria (3) here

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