Vernon Kay and Joan Rivers present "For One Night Only"

"For One Night Only" - Boyzone!!!!

"For One Night Only" - the amazing contortionist Lazaro Gitu - "The Snakeman"

"For One Night Only" - The Pussycat Dolls perform "When I Grow Up"

"For One Night Only" - Milton Jones

"For One Night Only" - the finale of Show 1

"For One Night Only" - heartthrob Michael Bublé performing "Everything"

"For One Night Only" - Denise Van Outen sings "Save The Last Dance For Me"

"For One Night Only" - Mark Watson

"For One Night Only" - magician Pete Firman

"For One Night Only" - Hungarian gymnast Balazs Foldvary performs his German Wheel act. Of course.

"For One Night Only" - Rihanna performing "Disturbia"

"For One Night Only" - Stephen K Amos

"For One Night Only" - Australian acrobats "The English Gents" in mid-act.

"For One Night Only" - a lady in a hoop.

"For One Night Only" - Joan Rivers

"For One Night Only" - operatic pop vocal group Il Divo performing "The Power Of Love"

"For One Night Only" - the Zhejiang acrobatic troupe in action

"For One Night Only" - the electrostring quartet Escala performing "Children"

"For One Night Only" - Sir Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews duet in "Baby It’s Cold Outside"

"For One Night Only" - Myleene Klass and Sir Tom Jones presenting the Christmas special

"For One Night Only" - Will Smith

"For One Night Only" - Pink performing "So What"

For One Night Only - Jimeoin

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For One Night Only

After the creative success of “Saturday Live Again”, broadcast in December 2007, ITV decided to commit to more comedy and music on ITV1 for 2008.

To that end, we teamed up with the creative forces behind the Royal Variety show at ITV Productions to co-produce “For One Night Only”, a huge-scale variety music and comedy spectacular. Each week the show had a different pair of co-hosts - Vernon Kay and Joan Rivers anyone? -  and just to make things more exciting, the series went out live (although the third one had a scheduling tussle with X Factor and had to transmit a little later).

The show itself was an absolute hoot to make, with huge mainstream pop stars - Pink, Rihanna, Will Young, Pussycat Dolls - all bumping shoulders in the narrow corridors at Fountain Studios with stand-ups like Milton Jones and Mark Watson and a bunch of Chinese acrobats or a German wheel dancer or whichever crazy variety act had been booked that week.

The best fun was the Christmas special, hosted by Myleene Klass and, yep, Sir Tom Jones. TOM JONES! Even sidling into the studio to hear the man soundcheck was a stunner.

For One Night Only

Show 1

First Tx 14/9/08 ITV 19.00-20.00

Hosted byJoan Rivers
andVernon Kay
and starringMilton Jones
Pussycat Dolls
Lazaro the Snake Man

and the cast of The Jersey Boys

Written byNick Doody
Mark Evans
Dan Gaster
Matt Kirshen
Ged Parsons

Show 2

First Tx 21/9/08 ITV 19.00-20.00

Hosted byMichael Bublé
andDenise Van Outen
and starringStephen K Amos
Mark Watson
Pete Firman
David Garrett
Balazs Foldvary

and the cast of West Side Story

Written byNick Doody
Mark Evans
Dan Gaster
Matt Kirshen
Ged Parsons

Xmas Special

Hosted bySir Tom Jones
andMyleene Klass
and starringMilton Jones
Will Smith
Il Divo
David O’Mer
Cerys Matthews

and the Zhejiang Acrobatics Troupe

Written byRichard Easter

Musical Director

Mike Dixon



Brian Rogers


Special Effects

Andy McVean



Warren Townsend


Production Secretary

Graham Claxton



Mark Challender

Liz Hughes


Production Coordinator

Bethan Richards


Junior Production Manager

Phil Elwell


Production Manager

Polly Coupland


Associate Producers

Gemma Nightingale

Ed Arriens


Stage Manager

Dan Shipton


Script Supervisor

Julia Hancock


Timings PA

Sally Darling


Vision Mixer

Naomi Neufeld (1-3)

Simon Sanders (4)


Art Director

Kirsty Durman


Costume Designer

Marcia Stanton (wk 1)

Jackie Levy



Claudine Taylor



Mykola Pawluk


Floor Manager

Michael Mathieson


Camera Supervisor

Mike Dugdale


Sound Supervisor

Kevin Duff


Lighting Designer

Al Gurdon



Peter Bingemann


Talent Executive

Mark Wagman


Executive Producer for Pozzitive

David Tyler

Jed Leventhall


Executive Producer for ITVp

Sue Andrew


Series Producer

Glen Middleham


Executive Producer

Geoff Posner

Directed byGeoff Posner

For One Night Only

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