"Little Miss Jocelyn" - Jocelyn Jee Esien as Jiffy the Traffic Warden

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Cast & Crew

Little Miss Jocelyn

“Little Miss Jocelyn” was the creation of comedian Jocelyn Jee Esien, and grew out of her collaboration with Three Non Blondes producer and creator Gary Reich. In 2006, after piloting a show for BBC Three to showcase Jocelyn’s solo talents, Gary’s  production company Brown Eyed Boy asked Geoff to Executive Produce the show in its new incarnation, and a co-Production was born.

Using the tried and trusted techniques of previewing and refining sketches through discreet evenings in cabaret clubs, Jocelyn wrote and created a number of much-love regular characters - Jiffy the over-articulate pedantic traffic warden (“This will take a looong time...”), Fiona, the middle class girl who works in an office and can’t bear the thought that anyone might think she’s black, Paulette, the lady who gets her own way in shops, airports etc by crying and screaming so loudly that her antagonist has to give in, the Christian Bus Driver who does everything whilst singing “In the name of Jesus...” , the cotton pickin’ Madam President of the United States and the gloriously polyandrous Nigerian matriarch, Mrs. Omwukwopopo...

The series of six ran on BBC Three (with a compilation being screened on BBC Two in 2007) and won a second series commission and a BAFTA Nomination for Jocelyn.

Little Miss Jocelyn

Series 1

Show 1

First Tx: 22/10/06 22.30-23.00 BBC Three 

StarringJocelyn Jee Esien
Written byJocelyn Jee Esien

Show 2

First Tx: 29/10/06 22.30-23.00 BBC Three

Sheson the bus driver proves to be as useless as usual, amongst other sketches…

StarringJocelyn Jee Esien
Written byJocelyn Jee Esien

Show 3

First Tx: 5/11/06 22.30-23.00 BBC Three

Paulette has trouble with her bank 

StarringJocelyn Jee Esien
Written byJocelyn Jee Esien

Show 4

First Tx: 12/11/06 22.30-23.00 BBC Three

Jiffy is up to her tricks again, this time performing them on unsuspecting members of the public.

StarringJocelyn Jee Esien
Written byJocelyn Jee Esien

Show 5

First Tx: 19/11/06 22.30-23.00 BBC Three

Mrs Omwukwopopo introduces us to some of her friends.

StarringJocelyn Jee Esien
Written byJocelyn Jee Esien

Show 6

First Tx: 26/11/06 22.30-23.00 BBC Three

In the final episode, Ignatius takes a driving test of his own

StarringJocelyn Jee Esien
Written byJocelyn Jee Esien

Costume Designer
Sarah Lubel

Make Up Designer
Lisa Cavalli-Green

Production Designer
Greg Shaw

Executive Producer for Brown Eyed Boy
Gary Reich

Executive Producer for Pozzitive
Geoff Posner

Directed byGareth Carrivick
Produced byJemma Rodgers

Little Miss Jocelyn

"Little Miss Jocelyn" is the creation of Jocelyn Jee Esien, and here's some BBC webby stuff about her

- and where would we be without Wikipedia...?

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