"Milton Jones Live Universe Tour - Part 1: Earth"

Milton Jones Live Universe Tour DVD - Clip 1

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Cast & Crew

Milton Jones Live Universe Tour Part One : Earth

Milton Jones - Live Universe Tour. Part 1: Earth” is the snappily-titled DVD released in October 2009 and recorded at the Arts Theatre in London’s West End in August 2009. It was done on a blisteringly hot evening, but we managed to edit out all the shots of the audiences fanning themselves between laughs.

At the time the tickets went on sale, we ran a competition where the winner got to meet Milton afterwards for a drink and a signed copy of the DVD. Unbeknownst to everyone, the winner turned out to be the very person Milton had been picking on for most of the second half. Well, we say “picking on”, but it more like a light tousling, and it all ended very happily....

We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t say that the DVD is still on sale - click on “Buy Now” to, well, buy now, or go via our shop pages...

Milton Jones Live Universe Tour Part One : Earth

 Rx 31/08/09

StarringMilton Jones
Written byMilton Jones

Floor Manager

Alex Leventhall


Camera Supervisor

Mike Dugdale


Camera Operators

Ben Frewin

Alistair Miller

Derek Pennell

Andy Watt


Camera Assistants

Lisa Baker

Carlo Tamburello 

Carl Veckranges


OB Team

Shaun Wilton

Chris Dingley


Vision Mixer

Naomi Neufeld



Ross Williams


Follow Spot Operator

Richard Stirzaker



Duncan Stuart



Mykola Pawluk


With Thanks To

The Staff Of The Arts Theatre

Jay Honosutomo

Hot Cherry

Red Box New Media


Sound Supervisor

Bob Newton


Lighting Director

Gurdip Mahal


Set Designer

Jonathan Paul Green


Production Team

Ben Michael

Robert Leventhall


Production Manager

Bethan Richards


Executive Producer

Jed Leventhall

Directed byGeoff Posner
Produced byGeoff Posner
David Tyler

Milton Jones Live Universe Tour Part One : Earth

Milton Jones, Milton Jones, so good they named him.

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