Harry Hill & Matt Lucas in rehearsals for ''Royal Free Rocks With Laughter''

''Royal Free Rocks With Laughter'' - Julian Clary's song comes to a glorious climax

''Royal Free Rocks With Laughter'' - Tubbs & Edward aka Steve Pemberton & Reece Shearsmith from the League Of Gentlemen

''Royal Free Rocks With Laughter'' - Rowan Atkinson reads ''The Register''

''Royal Free Rocks With Laughter'' - Harry Enfield being rocktabulous as Radio Fab FM DJ Dave ''Nicey'' Nice

''Royal Free Rocks With Laughter'' - Jack Whitehall

''Royal Free Rocks With Laughter'' - Graham Norton

''Royal Free Rocks With Laughter'' - Mitchell & Webb

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Royal Free Rocks With Laughter

On World Aids Day 2013 Pozzitive teamed up with the Royal Free Charity & UCL to put on a very special show in aid of a new immunity & transplantation unit at the Royal Free Hospital, London.

With co-producers Phil McIntyre Entertainments, we commandeered the Adelphi Theatre, snuck in front of the set for The Bodyguard and proceeded to put on a staggering and sometimes literally glittering line-up, hosted by Matt Lucas, and with stand-up from Julian Clary (there’s the glitter we promised), Lee Mack, Graham Norton, Tim Vine and unannounced guest Jack Whitehall, if you please! - three sketches from David Mitchell & Robert Webb, a blistering musical turn from The Overtones, joined by Beverley Knight, magic from the jaw-dropping Barry & Stuart, and a gloriously and typically bonkers set from Harry Hill, who, to the accompaniment of his house band, attempted to drink an entire bucket of water.

Oh yes - did we mention that Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse’s Smashie & Nicey appeared to reveal what they’d been up to these past few Yewtree years, bringing welcome gasps of transgressive laughter from the house, and in a fitting climax to the night, the evening also brought the return of the League of Gentlemen in their first gig together in eight years. The roar that greeted “This is a local shop....” had to be heard to be believed.

Oh, almost forgot. A certain chap called ROWAN ATKINSON popped by to deliver his legendary ‘Schoolmaster’ sketch. Altogether - “Nibble!!! Leave Orifice alone....”

As well as raising money, the night also raised awareness for the Royal Free Charity and their new Immunity unit, which will be a world-leading research centre against HIV and AIDS.

Serious bit from us at Pozzitive - director Geoff Posner says: "This is the fourth benefit Pozzitive have organised around World Aids Day. 15 years ago, we thought the problem of HIV and AIDS would go away and we wouldn't need to do any more benefits. But we were wrong. Although medication exists to fight the disease, it is still on the increase, and a large percentage of sufferers don't have access to them. So we have to find a cure. The new Unit for Immunity, Infection and Transplantation at the Royal Free aims to develop vaccinations, gene therapy and cell therapy to target chronic infections, such as HIV, and, even, in the long-term, cancer.”

Incidentally, you can find out more about the charity - and even donate - at this link: http://www.royalfreecharity.org/

Royal Free Rocks With Laughter

A co-production with Phil McIntyre Entertainments


Starring - in order of appearance -
Matt Lucas
Graham Norton
Mitchell & WebbDavid Mitchell
Robert Webb
Barry & StuartBarry Jones
Stuart MacLeod
Harry Hill
Julian Clary
Lee Mack
The Overtones
Beverley Knight
Rowan Atkinson
Smashie & NiceyHarry Enfield
Paul Whitehouse
Tim Vine
Jack Whitehall
The League Of GentlemenMark Gatiss
Steve Pemberton
Reece Shearsmith

Set Designer
Greg Shaw

Lighting Designer
Gurdip Mahal

Production Team
Lucy Arditti
Katie Collis
Beth Lambert
Matt Leventhall
Rob Leventhall
Abi Symons
Sophie Wing

Stage Manager
Caroline Caley

Assistant Stage Manager
Mel Carter

Assistant Floor Manager
Alex Leventhall

Production Secretary
Rob Crowther

Production Coordinator
Katie Storey

Production Manager
Andy Gibbs

Production Executive
Adrian Pegg

Executive Producer
Jed Leventhall

Directed byGeoff Posner
Produced byGeoff Posner
David Tyler

Royal Free Rocks With Laughter

First things first - you can find out more about the charity - and even donate - at this link.

Done that? Good, thank you. And now, you can enjoy the Photo Gallery with performance shots of the League Of Gentlemen, Harry Hill, Mitchell & Webb, Smashie & Nicey and more...

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