"The Robbie Coltrane Special" - Robbie Coltrane as headmistress of St. Botolphs 

"The Robbie Coltrane Special"

"The Robbie Coltrane Special" - Robbie Coltrane as Bob Geldof

"The Robbie Coltrane Special"

The Robbie Coltrane Special - The Stories Of Scotland Yard presented by Edgar Dustcarten

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Cast & Crew

The Robbie Coltrane Special

By 1989, Robbie Coltrane had become massively popular as a comic actor, not just through his appearances in The Comic Strip, Black Adder, French & Saunders and films such as Mona Lisa but also in the highly successful BBC series Tutti Frutti alongside Emma Thompson. LWT and Channel 4 commissioned a Robbie Coltrane comedy special, to be produced and directed by Geoff Posner and produced by Geoff and Geoffrey Perkins, the same team who would create that other award-wining multi-character vehicle in Harry Enfield’s “Norbert Smith - A Life”.

Written by a familiar team of top collaborators, headed by Geoff Atkinson, Richard Curtis, Kim Fuller et al, the one hour special show transmitted in September 1989, and featured, amongst other delights, an extended St Trinians spoof with Coltrane playing the headmistress.

The Robbie Coltrane Special

60m Special
First Tx 16/9/89 Channel 4 23.00-23.30

StarringRobbie Coltrane
as himselfRoland Gift
John Fortune
Cindy Marshall-Day
Written byRobbie Coltrane
Geoff Atkinson
Richard Curtis
Kim Fuller
Moray Hunter
Jack Docherty

Music by
Simon Brint

Directed byGeoff Posner
Produced byGeoffrey Perkins
Geoff Posner

The Robbie Coltrane Special

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