Victoria Wood Still Standing - Baby Boom

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Cast & Crew

Victoria Wood Still Standing

In 1997, Pozzitive was asked by Phil McIntyre Promotions to film Victoria Wood's current stand-up tour to create a standalone DVD and to present an hour-long special for television.

Recorded over two nights in September at the Swan Theatre in High Wycombe, the show was edited and transmitted in April 1998 on ITV.

Victoria Wood Still Standing

First Tx. 19/4/98 ITV 21.00-22.00

StarringVictoria Wood
Written byVictoria Wood

Music by Victoria Wood

Tour Manager
Amy Whittaker

Sound Engineer
Ian Wheaton

Tour Lighting
Mark Whittaker

Andy Carroll

Production Co-Ordinator
Melanie Parker

Floor Manager
Mike Morgan

Script Supervisor
Anna Staniland

Vision Mixer
Paul Wheeler

Videotape Editor
Perry Widdowson

Peter Doyle

Peter Edwards
Alan Beale
Howard Badger
Duncan Croft
Phil Palmer
Andy McDonald

Senior Cameraman
Barrie Dodd

John Kolthammer

OB Unit

Sound Supervisor
Keith Mayes

Lighting Director
Brian Pearce

Executive Producers
Phil McIntyre
Victoria Wood

Andrew Howe-Davies

Production Manager
Annie Crofts

Produced & directed byGeoff Posner

Victoria Wood Still Standing

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