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Josie Lawrence, singer, actress and improviser, had been a huge success in the early 90s with her appearances in "Whose Line Is It Anyway?", particularly with the improvised songs at the end. By that time, the show had become a fertile place for Independent production companies to pounce on verifiable talent; Hat Trick Productions pursued Tony Slattery and Mike McShane in an improvised series "S & M" as well as making "Paul Merton - The Series", whilst Josie was commissioned by Pozzitive for Channel 4 to create six half-hours of sketches and music.

The shows also had longer-form sketches on location, such as an extended Gracie Fields-type character spoof, and a Georgy Girl Swinging Lonodn-style piece as well as a weekly improvised song at the end of each show, created with regular Comedy Store Players and "Whose Line" pianist, Richard Vranch. The sketches were written by a number of contributors, including Paul Merton, Charlie Higson and Paul Whitehouse.


The show has never been released on DVD, so alas, we can't find it for you. But you can learn more about Josie Lawrence here.

The Chortle guide to Josie is always interesting and gives you information about when you can see her next.

And here's a link to the fabulous Comedy Store Players - Josie's been a member since 1986.

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